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A software for particle level simulation of light scattering from generated paper structures

Open PaperOpt is a C++ Open Source Monte Carlo simulation program designed for calculating light scattering in paper and board. It describes the simulation volume as a three-dimensional layered structure that includes rough surfaces, homogeneous scattering layers, and structured layers. The structured layers describe composite layers and models light scattering from a system of geometric components such as hollow flattened cylinders and ellipsoids representing e.g. fibres, pigments, or pores. The program treats the incident light as indivisible wave packets and calculates their path according to physical rules and some semi-empirical approximations. Setting the distribution of the initial position, polarisation, and direction of the wave packets allows the simulation of virtually any light source. In the same way, detectors with defined geometry and response characteristics can collect the reflected and transmitted wave packets.

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